Marlotte Kooijman | Taste snowboard magazine
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Taste snowboard magazine


The last four years I’ve designed TASTE Snowboard Magazine. A contrarian and rebellious magazine that represents the Dutch snowboard scene. This scene is in constant motion and the design has to go hand in hand with it. With each year its own special design, from handwritten typography and illustrated backgrounds to a clean and modern style. The design always needs to be in balance with the photography, in order to show the stories as well as possible.


In 2018 the magazine celebrated its 20th anniversary, a moment that has to be celebrated with a special design! For the two jubilee editions I have designed two special covers. A look back in which all covers of the past twenty years have been integrated. For the overall design I got a lot of inspiration out of old releases. Therefore, I’ve created a ‘Taste Design Time Machine’. We took a design from a few years ago, threw it in the time machine and a new modern 2018 version came out of it.


// September 2015 – January 2019



Editorial design, Graphic design